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Our Brewing Process


Mash:  Grain, consisting of varieties of malted barley, is soaked in hot water where starches are converted to fermentable sugars.








 Sparge:  The grain bed is showered with hot water to collect the fementable sugars needed for fermentation.











Lauter: The sweet liquid, called wort (pronounced wert), is separated from the grain bed.  











Boil: The wort rought to a boil where hops are added.  Hops impart flavor, aroma, and bitterness. 











Cool:  The hot wort is then pumped through a heat exchanger and is cooled to room temperature (sometimes cooler) on its way into the fermentor where yeast is added and the magic begins.  


Fermentation:  The yeast consume the fermentable sugars, produing alcohol and carbon dioxide.  Once fermentation is complete (usually in about 3-5 days), the BEER is cooled, carbonated, and kegged.   


Aging:  Since our beers are unfiltered, they can age or mature in the keg.  This can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the style of beer.  

Finally, the kegs are tapped, and our craft beers are proudly served to you by our dedicated staff.